Batfleck joins Ana de Armas as Catwoman in DC Fan Art

Ben Affleck's return to DCEU mocked new fan art depicting his girlfriend Ana de Armas as Catwoman.

Batfleck joins Ana de Armas as Catwoman in DC Fan Art
Batfleck joins Ana de Armas as Catwoman in DC Fan Art

Since it was confirmed that Ben Affleck will return to his role as Batman in the DCEU for the upcoming movie The Flash, the DC fandom has been agog, imagining scenarios where Affleck’s character could be a part of future films in other adaptations comic arguments. One of these speculations born artist artoftimetravel to place a piece of fanart on Instagram Batffleck representing a Batman movie adaptation Silence, the current girlfriend Ana Armas actor in the role of Catwoman.

Batman: Silence was a monthly comic series acclaimed by critics who came out in 2002. The story of a new villain mystery known only as Silence, which aimed Batman by mobilizing several supervillains against the Caped Crusader in a war he was counted strategic, based on the information hinted that the villain knew about the secret identity of Batman.

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The best-selling series, which saw Batman teaming up with Catwoman to take all his rogues gallery, was later adapted into a film of 2019 direct-to-video. There has also been some speculation that the main villain of Matt Reeves’ The next Batman is revealed as silence instead of Riddler. Batfleck

For now, the only participation Affleck in a Batman story in DCEU that has been confirmed is definitely a supporting role in the film Flash, which will be an adaptation of the story Flashpoint Paradox comics. With regard to the role of Affleck in the film, the director Andy Muschietti had this to say.

He is a very substantial part of the emotional impact of the film. The interaction and the relationship between Barry and Wayne Affleck bring an emotional level we have not seen before. It’s film Barry, is the story of Barry, but his characters are more related than we think. we both lost their mothers to murder, and that’s one of the emotional vessels in the film. that’s where Affleck Batman kicks in

Despite the excitement of the fan, the news coming down the vine until that time indicates that Flash will be the last role in the DCEU Affleck, and will serve as a fitting finale for the trip in the franchise. On the other hand, Flash will also open the DCEU to the multiverse, where several players can play the same role and each of those films that exist in a different corner of the same multiverse. Batfleck

That means you can still be a chance Ben Affleck returns for a Batman movie alone, as was being planned at a time until personal matters in the life of the actor and a negative experience doing Justice League he made him go the role of the Dark Knight.

Meanwhile, Ana de Armas has been very fashionable in casting roles iconic DC fans from Catwoman to poison ivy Lois Lane, although there has been no confirmed news on any of these fronts yet. For now, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz get to play Catwoman in Batman and the noir-thriller The next Batman.