Queen of the Tearling film Emma Watson to Star as Kelsea Glynn

This adaptation follows a Reina Roja which has considerable power over the world and princess must stop.

Queen of the Tearling film
Queen of the Tearling film

The book is part of the fantasy trilogy Erika Johansen whose 19-year-old female protagonist was inspire in part when the ear author Barack Obama gives a speech in 2007 Queen of the Tearling film.

Harper Collins published the trilogy, which has been described as a woman ” Game of Thrones “starting in 2014.

The book is set three centuries after an environmental disaster when Red Queen holds considerable power evil.

Harry Potter producer David Heyman is reteaming with one of the stars of this franchise, Emma Watson, to bring the famous series of the novel queen of the Tearling screen.

Warner Bros will distribute the fantastic adventure, described as a Game of Thrones female, with Emma Watson game to lead this story about a malevolent Red Queen has considerable power in the distant future, three centuries after an environmental catastrophe throws in the world chaos. Erika Johansen wrote the trilogy of fantasy novels on which the screenplay is based.

About Emma Watson:

Emma Watson is set to play at 19 years old Princess Kelsea Glynn, who must claim the throne of his late mother and restore his kingdom.

A writer and director are currently looking out for the Queen of the Tearling film. Emma Watson also set to executive produce. No start date for production has been announced at this time.

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As an actress, Emma is fine. She is not great, but not terrible. But that’s not my main problem with her in this role. My problem with Emma Watson as Kelsea Glynn comes from a purely view representation. Kelsea is less curved, maximum fat. Emma is a thin thin woman. This is the direct deletion and fatphobia border.

See a woman being a fat queen and do heroic things is very important not only for fat girls but for everyone. This shows that we are more than the butt of jokes. We are capable of greatness as we are. Kelsea, on the other hand, feels a little ashamed of her body.

She makes a casual comment or two about being out of shape (which she tries to rectify actively) but never complains about her weight. When a noblewoman his gifts with a dress that is too small hope of shaming, Kelsea ignores the light and gives your accountant to be sold, later in the scene that makes the woman take the back of the dress after the woman lacks respect for other ways. Projecting a thin woman like a woman fat complex is a slap in the face. Kelsea, I know, would not allow it.

What is the story Queen of the Tearling film?

Queen of the Tearling film is by Erika Johansen and will hit book stores this July. It is the first of three books in a trilogy and has received a lot of pre-release excitement thanks in part to the acquisition of Warner Bros. ‘. Watson will play the main character, “the princess nineteen years old Kelsea Glynn, who must claim their deceased’s throne mother and redeem his kingdom, Tearling, the forces of corruption and magic Dark Red Queen the witch-tyrant of the neighboring country, “according to a synopsis.

Queen of the Tearling film
Queen of the Tearling film

Editor of Harper-Collins Maya Ziv, who edited the Queen speaks highly of history. One of my colleagues read the book, loved and left home. His 11-year-old then read the book and loved it, too, he said in comments obtained by The New York Post. It just brought back the wonderful sense of reading and fall into a whole new world.

Besides being fat, Kelsea is unattractive. She tells us many times that she is ugly. However, this is not mere insecurity. Another character, the Fetch refers to it as “normal” and which has often observed that men are not fixe in it as other women do, Some of this is due to a mixture of fear and respect, but most are that she is nothing more than attractive,

“Emma, ​​as anyone with eyes can see, is very nice. So, again, we find that the overlapping notion that ugly girls are not worthy of being portrayed as heroes. Only women can be beautiful heroines. With this notion reinforced so much literature and television, it’s hard not to feel rejected if you are unattractive.”

Queen of the Tearling

The fatness and unattractiveness of kelsea are relevant to their relations with other women in Fortaleza. They are able to help each other and learn from each other because of their different strengths and weaknesses. Remove that, and how Kelsea is very different from these other women?

And I’m not saying Kelsea “is not like other girls.” I say that their differences balance each other and improve their relationships. They can even teach everything that a yes or two (one woman even tells Kelsea beauty can be a curse, as many of them were force into prostitution because of it).

Although it may seem a small thing, Kelsea relations with these women are important and I like to see how they will suffer if it is altered.

Tangentially, it is Kelsea decade of years old and Emma is ten years almost over. There is a problem of this type in Hollywood people who are close to thirty years of age, teens playing. It is not only harmful but simply makes no sense. The more you get from your teenage years, the more difficult it is to connect teens.