John Krasinski Fantastic Four Has Gotten the Fantastic Four Call from Marvel Yet?

John Krasinski reveals whether or not you had talks with Marvel about playing Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four MCU.

John Krasinski Fantastic Four Has Gotten the Fantastic Four Call from Marvel Yet?
John Krasinski Fantastic Four Has Gotten the Fantastic Four Call from Marvel Yet?

John Krasinski Fantastic Four is having a busy time promoting his next film A Quiet Place II. While the actor/director was talking about the film, he was also willing to answer questions about the possibility of joining him, the MCU as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four reboot Disney.

I believe that to be a part of the world Marvel would all amazing ways, and the fact that people would even consider for that level of one part would be amazing. I have actually had conversations or Don know about what’s going on with that. I’m waiting for ads what the hell is going on with that everything is Kevin.

John Krasinski has never been shy about his love for Marvel, and his enthusiasm for possibly get to join the universe. It was one of the actors in the race to play the role of Steve Rogers aka Captain America before the role was ultimately Chris Evans. Krasinki has taken to Twitter several times to joke about how Evans stole the role of superhero him, even admitting that Evans was the perfect actor to play Captain America.

Moreover, Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt was originally offered the role of Black Widow but had to go in part due to contractual obligations with another study. Now both Krasinksi and Blunt are favorite choices fans cast the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

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Marvel, in turn, has been open about his love for the idea to catch a performance by the duo of husband and wife in their films. Apart from Blunt and was offered the role of Black Widow, fans of Fantastic Four comics have realized that artists have begun to look a lot drawing Reed aspect of beard Krasinski. Many believe this is an allusion to the future plans of casting Marvel, similar to the way the look of Nick Fury in the comics changed in the 2000s to resemble Samuel L. Jackson before he was cast in Iron Man 2008 as head of SHIELD.

While Krasinki seems willing to assume the role of Reed Richards, John Krasinski Fantastic Four it is less clear whether he would be willing to commit to a multi Marvel movie that makes all its major players sign. After all, Krasinski has gone from being just an actor to complete a filmmaker, after writing, directing and producing a quiet place and its sequel. Today it is one of the rare filmmakers in Hollywood who have the necessary weight to greenlight original scripts. Krasinski seems unlikely to be willing to give all that to play the same character over several years in the MCU.

For now, the focus of the actor is in promoting A Quiet Place II, which, in addition to writing and directing, which also appears in, even though his character died in the original film to protect his family from hunters aliens who had been chasing them throughout the film. Come to think of it, it’s not a bad setup for a story of four fantastic.

We have known for more than a year that the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are coming to the MCU, but still have no idea when or how. This is not a surprise either, as with so many new characters who enter Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and the Eternals, it’s probably a smart move for Marvel Studios not play all his cards at once. But although we have not had any official announcement, the truth is that the MCU Fantastic Four and X-Men actually is working behind the scenes.

In fact, Roger Wardell insider could have given a glimpse behind the curtain with a recent tweet. Seen below, he is claiming that the MCU versions of these characters are based largely on Earth-1610 incarnations (better known as the Ultimate Universe) and John Krasinski and Giancarlo Esposito are in talks to leading roles.

If that’s the case, it seems logical that Krasinski is for the part of Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic, and now has been rumored for months. The actor was once very close to becoming the MCU of Captain America, although he preferred not to take the role after realizing the physical requirements of playing a super-soldier. Fortunately for him, Mr. Fantastic, while certainly in good shape, certainly not the ideal cut muscular Chris Evans had to keep for a decade.

Again in another era, before the MCU became an everyday part of our lives, cast the big four, John Krasinski Fantastic Four it was one of the most interesting discussions. When it was Captain America, fans were defensive. Steve Rogers embodies American ideals, even if people who love the character not agree on what those ideals. Rumors that Will Smith would at one point. But Marvel Studios’ name was John Krasinski considered, the boy clumsy office. Chris Evans finished with the paper, and history is best for him, but we are in a new era of the MCU. However, after demonstrating his skills in action-hero projects as its new series of streaming outward some good news, affectionately called SGN Jack Ryan and John Krasinski MCU need to play the latest superhero dad, Reed Richards.

While the MCU produced one hit after another, John Krasinski had his own brilliant rise. While still known by most as “Jim Office” has achieved much more. He starred in Michael Bay 13 hours. At the beginning, I found it strange that the camera-mugging Jim Halpert would play a tough soldier. And then he played a rough soldier.

From there, he made his directorial debut with the independent dramedy The Hollars but really shone as a director with a quiet place. Speaking of a quiet place and acted in it with his wife in real life, Emily Blunt. That’s another thing I did in the last decade. When he married Emily Blunt in 2010, he was well out of reach. More about it later.

His largest and most successful role since the office is as Jack Ryan in the Amazon series based on Tom Clancy reluctant superspy. The combination of the above, the office, a quiet place, 13 hours, and Jack Ryan, certainly proves to be a superhero in some way. But with SGN, where he spends his days raising the world in one of the darkest periods shows that John Krasinski is perfect for Reed Richards MCU.

John Krasinski Fantastic Four Has Gotten the Fantastic Four Call from Marvel Yet?
John Krasinski Fantastic Four Has Gotten the Fantastic Four Call from Marvel Yet?

Reed Richards is often criticized as being cold, distant, calculating. He is a brilliant scientist and certainly has social problems, but this review is not just everything. Is a loving husband to Sue Storm, a parent who cares for Franklin Valerie and her children, a dedicated friend Ben Grimm, John Krasinski Fantastic Four and an older brother who supported his brother-in-law, Johnny Storm?

Also sees the biggest problems in the universe and makes difficult decisions to do everything possible to save everyone, including his family. Sometimes those decisions seem harsh, but being the calculation is not bad. It’s what he does. And the range is John Krasinski showing his gruff soldier in 13 hours his lovely “news” guest at SGN, and MCU needs to Reed Richards.

John Krasinski Fantastic Four review:

a nice Reed Richards are especially needed. The last two Mr. Fantastics, Ioan Gruffudd (2005) and Miles Teller (2015), simply do not have this dynamic. Of course, find the balance of 13 hours and SGN is like finding the cross-section of the curled and gummies al, but does Krasinski.

Emily Blunt is an amazing actress. From a quiet place to return Mary Poppins. In the forest to Sicario. And then she is even tougher than the performance of every day Mary Sue on the edge of the morning. She may be a harder or softer edge to the touch. At the same John Krasinski can do both warm and calculating by Reed Richards in the MCU, Blunt may be the soft, sharp knife is Sue Storm.

And as Captain America was almost Krasinski, Blunt was also almost part of the MCU. In fact, he was offered the role of the Black Widow. When that did not work because of scheduling, Marvel came back to her with the agent Peggy Carter. In another universe, there is a Captain America: The First Avenger starring Krasinski and Blunt. Of course, that did not work well. But maybe that was fate. And now, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the perfect actors and as spouses to be the perfect Reed Richards and Sue Storm for the MCU.