The Crow Costume Brandon Lee’s Brings in $25K at Auction

The Crow Costume Brandon Lee was accidentally killed tragically on the set of The Crow days before the end of the film.

The Crow Costume Brandon Lee's Brings in $25K at Auction
The Crow Costume Brandon Lee's Brings in $25K at Auction

The Crow Costume, The suit Brandon Lee The Crow has sold at auction for $ 25,000. Lee wore the suit mentioned in several scenes, which can be seen in the film. The actor, and son in recent times legend Bruce Lee martial arts, died accidentally on the set of the 1994 film, days before its completion. He was 28 years old. The film was completed using CGI, along with the doubles, and was successful at the box office unexpectedly at launch.

The Crow Costume:

Brandon Lee The Crow distressed black shirt, leather pants and jacket, along with personal items in his pockets, which sells for $ 25,000 at a recent auction. “This suit was worn by actor Brandon Lee during the filming of the movie 1994 American fantasy action dark The Crow” according to the original announcement.

The components of the suite comprising a long black leather coat, black top and black leather trousers. The suit has been heavily afflicted for the tear film and bullet holes.

The Crow Costume It is not clear who won the bidding war because it has remained private.

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Brandon Lee would have turned 55 in February this year. In celebration and tribute, his sister, Shannon Lee wrote, “Brandon, when I’ve been thinking about you lately, I’ve been remembering how beautiful you were. You were funny, smart and generous and warm and funny. I am so grateful that She came to have in my life, as long as I did. happy birthday.

I love you. ” Lee seemed to think from an early age that he would die young like her father. Bruce Lee died at age 32 of cerebral edema due to an allergic reaction.

Brad Pitt recalled in an interview old Brandon Lee had said he was going to die young, but attributed them to be intoxicated and stoned at the time. After that party, Lee accepted the lead role in The Crow. While the film was a hit at the box office unexpectedly, arguably it is bigger now than it has ever been, thanks to a devoted cult audience that keeps the introduction of the 1994 film to a new audience. Since the original movie came out, and his subsequent sequels, Hollywood has tried unsuccessfully to restart the franchise.

Ernie Hudson, who starred with Brandon Lee in The Crow, does not believe that there should be no reboots or remakes. “I just thought it was Brandon Crow and I, as far as I’m concerned, The Crow Costume once died and returned to finish, it was in my mind,” he said in a recent interview. “Brandon was the center of everything and I just can not imagine [other].” It seems that many people feel that way, but more than likely study will do more with the franchise at some point in the future. You can check out the auction costume Crow over at auctions GWS.

Eric Draven is one of the main characters and the protagonist of the superhero movie The Crow and adapting television series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven. Eric is a heavy metal guitarist joke band the executioner. I was supposed to marry his girlfriend Shelly Webster Halloween night. However, one day before her wedding, which is also known as night, T-Bird of the Devil and his gang brutally murdered the couple.

Eric crow but a resurrected a year later, giving powers to regenerate, the inability to feel pain, and supernatural strength. It is also immune to disease and decay and possesses superhuman agility. As a superhero, who uses the name of The Crow. This article is a guide for the raven cosplay.

Best Ideas of Crow Cosplay:

The Raven is a superhero attractive appearance, The Crow Costume which looks more like a rock star than a real superhero with your dress black and white face mask. That’s why many people liked the character, he looks cool cosplay favorite option does. This guide will feature the appearance of El Cuervo.

It consists of a long sleeve shirt black with black leather pants and a long black on top of it. The set of cosplay also comes with a pair of black boots, a black medium-length curly wig styling of the character. the black tape also included the raven used to cover part of their hands and all her wrist to act as a semi-glove.

Crow cosplay assembly is completed by a ring collar and a crow strut to act as a bird that always accompanies the character.


1994 The Crow, dark fantasy action American film directed by Alex Proyas, threw himself to the world of cinema and its audience. The film is based on a comic book written by James O’Barr 1989. Raven tells the story of a rock musician Eric Draven, played by Brandon Lee, who returned from the dead to avenge his murderer, who shot and threw it out the window and raped and beaten his girlfriend. Out for revenge, Eric is helped by the girl named Sara and Police Sergeant Albrecht. At the time, the film was widely spoken by the tragic death of actor Brandon Lee, consequently have injured in the accident during filming.

The Crow Costume Brandon Lee's Brings in $25K at Auction
The Crow Costume Brandon Lee’s Brings in $25K at Auction

The Raven is a popular superhero for many people, not only because of its fresh appearance but also because of his personality and tragic backstory. People felt sympathy for the character and fate suffered promised that it took to become a superhero. He is also an almost immortal character, with his only weakness is the crow that gave him powers. Once the raven is destroyed, The Crow Costume all their special abilities will disappear, making it more vulnerable time.

In The Crow, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiancee Shelly are murdered by thugs on a crime spree. A crow brings him back to life, giving him the ability to warg and the opportunity to seek revenge on his killers.

As a popular character, The Crow is a great option for people looking for cosplay characters looking cool to dress like. Its all-black and a rock star appearance looking at her cosplay an excellent choice to attend costume parties or comic conventions do. If you look at the Crow cosplay photos, you can see your overall appearance will make anyone stand out in a crowd. It is also a great idea of ​​the costume for Halloween, because his project dark and gloomy atmosphere, which is perfect for the season of fear.